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Common Issues & Troubleshooting
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Can’t Login to Admin Area?

Wrong URL access

CRM admin area is separated from the customers area.

CRM users tend to get confused and try to login as admin in the customers area.

Admins need to log in at

Customers login at

Staff Members Not Receiving An Email When A New Ticket Is Created or Reply Is Posted.

If you are experiencing this problem. make sure that you/other staff members belong to the department in which this ticket is assigned.

Only the staff members that belong to the ticket department will receive a notification when a new ticket is created or a ticket reply has been posted by a customer.

Additionally, you can navigate to Setup->Email Templates and re-check all ticket available email templates to make sure that they are not disabled.

Please keep in mind that when you are replying to a ticket or creating a ticket from the admin area, the staff members won’t receive any notification that e.q. new reply is posted from the admin area, only the customer will receive an email notification.

Payment Modes Not Shown on Invoice

Make sure that you have checked the payment mode for this invoice.

If the payment mode is an online payment gateway, make sure that the invoice currency matches the comma separated currencies in Setup->Settings->Payment Gateways and the payment gateway is active.

Navigate to Setup->Finance->Currencies and check if the Currency code matches the comma separated currencies like in the second picture example.

CRM is not responsible for which currency the payment gateway will bill, in most cases, the payment gateway uses their supported currencies and account currency. In the request, CRM is passing the currency but this does not mean that the gateway will do a conversion.

You, as administrator/invoice creator, are responsible to make sure that you give your customer the correct available gateways for the invoices. You must know in what currency your customer will pay, so you can adjust the invoice.

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