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Contracts Templates

In order to make the contract process creation easier, in CRM you can create predefined HTML templates that can be used each time a contract is created.

Create contract template

You can create a contract template while viewing the contract, by clicking on the Templates tab and then clicking on the Add Template button.

• Click the Templates tab.
• Click Add template.
• Enter the Template title that you can use to easily recognize what kind of template is.
• Use the editor to add predefined template content.
• Click Save

Insert template

Once you created the template, you will be able to use and insert them into the editor content easily.

While on the Templates tab, for the template you want to insert, click the Insert button, the template content will be automatically injected into the contract editor.
New Contract

Click on the aside menu Contracts tab, and on the left side, there is a button New Contract.

• Trash
Hide from customer – If this field is checked, the contract won’t be shown in the customers area, and customer contacts with permissions for contracts won’t get expiry reminder email.
Subject for the contract – For your own usage
Contract value – Give this contract value – Base currency is used.
Contract type – You can organize your contracts in types. To add a new contract type navigate to Setup->Contracts->Contract Types
Contract start date
Contract end date – This field is optional and if the end time is empty, no expiry notification will be sent.

Contract Content

After you create the initial contract, with all the necessary information, you can add contract content to be shown on PDF.

The text/content inside the editor will be compiled into a PDF, and you can easily send this PDF to the customer, by clicking on the top right envelope icon.

You need to click on the green Save Contract button in order to save the contract content.

Contract Attachments

The attachments area is optional. If you upload files, this file will be visible to the customers side and the customer can download the contract.
Contract Expiry Notification

You can set contract notifications by going on Setup -> Settings -> Cron Job -> Contracts.

Only contract creator or admin will receive expiration notification for a specific contract.

If contract is expired the list table row will be filled with red background.

You have option to receive contract’s expiry notifications additionally to email. Check the email template from Setup-> Email templates.

If you don’t want to receive emails for contract expiration notification you only need to disable this email template.
Renewing Contract

You can a renew contact by clicking on edit contract, and on the right upper side click Contract Renewal History and click Renew Contract.

After that, the modal will be opened, and the values will be auto populated. You need only to check the values then click save.

After saving on the right side you, can track all contract renewals.

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