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Join the Fourth Industrial Revolution with

Extensive and easy to use software for every school department.
Improve your schools management and performance


Your School App
Your school will have its own app! Available to download from the playstore or iStore.

Online Fee Payments
Parents will have the
ability to login and pay
their fees online.

Zoom Integration
Parent-Teacher meetings
can be scheduled and done through our Zoom feature.

Messaging System
All staff can connect with parents directly though the systems chat feature, or through emails or sms.

Exams and Marks
Manage exams, grade levels and marksheets. Bulk marksheet generation is supported.

Teachers have access to their student data, approve students, control attendance and marks.

Parents can see their students progress, attendance, marksheets and messages.

HR Payroll
Manage Monthly Salary, Overtime, Allowences & Deductions automatially.

Book Library
Create an online library be either downloadable books or book availability on the library.

Homework & Assignments
Upload Homework and assignment files accessable to students.

Attendance Notifications
Manage Teachers and Students attendance, and track their history. Parents can be notified when their child is in class or absent.

Manage hostle and transportation and track students subscriptions on it.


• New Advanced Permissions System – Unlimited roles types
     > Super Administrators
     > Administrators
     > Manager
     > Principal
     > Teacher
     > Student
     > Parents
     > Accountant
     > Librarian
     > HR
     > Receptionist
     > Store Keeper

• Enquiries and Complaints
     > Track classified Enquiries & complaints from Parents,
        Students, Teachers etc

• Students
     > New smart & advanced school admission form
     > Control student categories
     > Control Medical History
     > Enhanced view of father & mother information
     > Enhanced view of Guardian account information
     > Control students documents

• Vacation
     > Completely redesigned vacation system
     > Approve/Decline Vacation requests
     > Users able to track their approved & declined vacation requests

• Library Management
     > Completely redesigned library system
     > Mange users subscription to library system including employees
        and students
     > Issue/Return books to users
     > Track issued books to users, Dates and return dates

• Online Exams
    > Questions Bank
    > Randomize exam questions supported
    > Sharing questions, to allow question to be used by another
       teacher in another exam
    > Rich text editor for questions
    > Can attach images for each question
    > Unlimited number of questions supported
    > Unlimited number of options per each question supported
    > New UI for online exam taking

• Visitors Log
     > Track your School visitors
     > Track purpose of visits
     > Track Check-in & Check-Out

• Phone Calls
     > Track your incoming/outgoing phone calls
     > Track purpose, Type, duration and details of calls

• Postal
     > Track your dispatch/received postal

• Contact Messages
     > See your website visitor messages directly from Web Portal

• Manage Employees
     > Mange departments & designations
     > Enroll your school employees in the system
     > Classify each employee under dept. & design.
     > Easily control each employee roles & permissions

• Student Attendance
     > Add notes when taking the attendance
     > Attendance report redesigned completely
     > One view to see multiple students attendance with period
     > Calculation of presence percentage for each student

• Staff Attendance
     > Add notes when taking the attendance
     > Check-In & Check-Out attendance tracking
     > Attendance report redesigned completely
     > One view to see multiple students attendance with period
     > Calculation of presence percentage for each student

• Inventory Management
     > Manage Stores
     > Manage Suppliers
     > Manage Inventory Categories
     > Manage items coding
     > Manage Items instock
     > Manage returned items

• News and Events
     > Declare your schools news and events
     > Control visibility based on user roles

• Biometrics
     > The only application intergrated with biometric devices.

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