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Email Templates & Configuration
The more you know, the further your business will go.


To set up email templates navigate to Setup -> Email templates and change the content according to your needs.

You can set up a general email signature in Setup-> Settings-> Email, this signature will be used on all email representing your company.

All email templates will be sent from the general email that is configured in Setup->Settings->Email.

How multi-language for email templates is used?

• Customer 1 have language English
• Customer 2 have language Dutch

When an email template will be sent to Customer 1, the content will be taken from English email template, for staff Customer 2 the content will be taken from Dutch email template.

The same procedure is applied for staff members.

What will happen if the content is empty for email template and a user uses this language?

In case the content for the template is empty for a specific language, which is not the default system language, the content from the email template will be taken from the default system language setup in Setup->Settings ->Localization. Make sure you always populate the default system language template.

The system will auto slide down the languages that are used over the system, based on staff and customers, when you navigate to edit specific email template.

Disabling email templates

Open email template and check the disabled field. If the disabled field is checked this email won’t be sent ever.

Eq. If you want to disable sending a welcome email when creating a contact, navigate to Setup->Email Templates and find the template with name: New Customer Added/Registered (Welcome Email), check the disabled checkbox and save.


If you are using at least version 1.9.4, we have added a feature for the email queue to speed up the email sending process.

A very common issue is when the system is sending a lot of emails, eq when a new comment on task, or task status is changed, the system will send an email to task creator, task followers, task assignees etc…

This action may be time-consuming, when it’s related to email sending, the system will need time to connect to the email server, and sends the emails, the time taken for this action really depends on the email server to email server, some servers perform the action faster.

The email queue feature will store the emails, and all contents in the database, and when the cron job will run, the emails will be sent in the background, in this case, the users won’t notice any slowness.

To enable email queue feature, you need to navigate to Setup->Settings->Email, and click on the Email Queue tab and set Enable Email Queue to YES.

Keep in mind that after enabling the email queue feature, the emails won’t be sent immediately, there will be a time difference of 5 minutes until the cron job runs.

Do not add emails with attachments in the queue

Most likely you will encounter problems with the email queue, if the system needs to add big files to the queue. If you plan to use this option, consult with your server administrator/hosting provider to increase the max_allowed_packet and wait_timeout options in your server config, otherwise when this option is set to yes, the system won’t add emails with attachments in the queue and will be sent immediately.

This is mostly applied to eq pdf documents or when sending some files manually, this process is straightforward, it’s recommended to leave this option to No, if you are not sure what are you doing.

Before enabling the email queue feature, make sure that your cron job is running properly each 1 minute.

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