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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
The more you know, the further your business will go.

1. Can’t delete estimate/invoice?

There is a protection implemented to keep the numbers without gaps.

Go to Setup->Settings->Finance and switch Delete estimate allowed to only on last estimate and Decrement estimate number on delete to NO.

Repeat the same process for invoices, if needed.

2. How to record a transaction in a currency other then the base currency?

CRM, by default, records all transactions (invoices, estimates, expenses, proposals) in the base currency.

Changing the currency while recording a transaction is not possible.

If you need to record the transaction in a different currency, you need to set customer currency.

Navigate to Customers-> Click on the customer and set currency in the customer profile, note that if the customer has already recorded transactions, you wont be able to change the currency. You need to delete all previous transactions to change the currency. Once the transaction is recorded, the ability to change the customer currency will be disabled.

Try creating new eq. invoice, and select the customer, the currency will be auto changed, based on the currency you set for this customer.

For all future transactions for this customer, the customer currency will be auto selected.

3. How to hide tax per item?

CRM, by default, shows tax per item. There is an option to turn this off, so all the taxes will be calculated on the bottom of the invoice/estimate.

Note that when you add your invoice/estimate items, you will still need to add the item taxes to get the desired calculations. The tax per item will be hidden when your customer view the invoice/estimate.

To disable this feature navigate to Setup->Settings->Finance and set Show TAX per item (Invoices/Estimates) to NO.

NOTE: If you are using your own templates for generating a PDF for estimates and invoices, you should not remove this logic from the templates if you want this option to work as it should, otherwise you can adjust the template to fit to your needs, no matter how Show TAX per item option is set.

4. Payment modes not appearing on invoice?

Make sure that you have checked the payment mode for this invoice.

Make sure that the invoice currency matches the coma separated currencies in Setup->Settings->Online Payment Modes

5. Does CRM support 3 decimals places?

CRM does not support 3 decimals places for number.

6. Why do I get a Security header "Not valid" when setting up Paypal?

This can happen for few reasons,

1. You have setup LIVE credentials, and you have turned Test mode to ON. If you want to test, you need to set the TEST credentials and have a Paypal Sandbox Account
2. You have white spaces in your credentials. Eq.               api_username_1a242jdj2455 – Note the white spaces before the username.
3. You put the wrong API credential in the wrong place ex.you put the Signature data in the API Username field inside CRM Paypal fields.

7. Hide Transactions on Invoice PDF

If you don’t want transactions/payments to be shown on the invoice pdf document, you can turn this off by navigating to Setup->Settings->PDF and set Show invoice payments (transactions) on PDF to NO.

8. Move company details to the right side and customer details to left in PDF, can i do this?

In some countries, customer details are required to be on the left side. With CRM you can achieve this very easy by navigating to Setup->Settings->PDF and set Swap Company/Customer Details to YES.

Save the settings.

Now on all PDF documents, your company details will be shown on the right side of the PDF document and your customer details will be on the left.

9. Can I Use Crm Without Internet on Localhost Installation?

Generally, you can use CRM without internet on localhost installation, but you will need to lose the benefits from some features, for example:

1. Dropbox file chooser
2. Pusher.com real-time notifications.
3. Auto updates.
4. Google reCaptcha
5. Media
6. All Online payment gateways
7. E-Signature

10. Why Can’t I Add a Contact with a Duplicate Email?

The contact’s email is unique, because of the email piping/auto importing tickets feature, and because the email is used for login.

If you have an email address that is not unique in the system database, the script will not know which company to link the imported ticket.
11. Getting HTTP ERROR 500

If you are getting HTTP ERROR 500, this means that there is some error in the back-end which is causing CRM to stop working.

In order to easy to determine the issue, the best is to turn on debug mode.

If the error messages are not clear enough to help you to resolve the issue, you can open a support ticket and we will be happy to guide you further and help you resolve the issue in a timely manner.

12. Is RTL supported on PDF documents?

Unfortunately not, the PDF documents are only generated in LTR direction.

13. Can i use Cloudflare with CRM?

Yes, you can use Cloudflare with CRM, but you will need to disable one Cloudflare feature, and always remember to purge your Cloudflare cache after each update.

Make sure that the Cloudflare Rocket Loader feature is disabled.

After each update, always purge your Cloudflare cache.
14. Can You Provide Customization Services?

We can provide you with the basic customization while we show you how to use CRM, after that, you will be able to customize your CRM to your preference, as will your staff members to their own profiles.

15. Can I Translate CRM?

Yes! You can translate CRM very easily. Follow the instructions in the tutorial "System Langauge".

16. Can Non Admin Staff Members see all the Media Library Uploads?

If the logged staff member is not an administrator, they wont be able to see all media library data.

Each staff member has a separate folder inside the media/ folder in your server, except the administrators.

The attachments the non-admin staff member uploads, will go to their own folder.

In future if you make this staff member an admin, then you will be able to see all media uploads.

17. How to Hide the Help Menu Item?

To hide the help menu item navigate to Setup->Settings->Misc and set Show help menu item on setup menu to No.

18. Why is the Table Exporting Only Exporting the Current Page?

The export from the table works in this way so only the current view has a lot data which is found in the database, to prevent a crash.

You will need to export by page.

Additionaly you can select All from the top left dropdown above the table headings and wait to load all the data from database.

19. What Is the Reminders Feature in CRM?

The reminders feature in CRM is designed for staff members, the member will be notified about an action they need to take (eq. Call customer, Schedule meeting), this option allows you to never forget anything about your customers.

When you setup a reminder for a staff member on a specific date, the staff member will get a notification from the built-in message system and an email, if the field to send an email to this staff member is checked.

Currently available reminders:
• Customers
• Leads
• Expenses
• Estimate
• Invoices
• Proposals
• Credit Notes
• Tasks

20. What Is a Non Staff Member?

A non staff member is a feature in CRM which allows you to have a member, like a contract worker, to work on projects, this means that the staff is not actually an employee in your company, but a freelancer/contractor.

Some areas of the CRM will be disabled for non staff members.

Here is a list of the disabled features for non staff member.

1. Announcements
2. Newsfeed wall
3. Leads
4. Support – Default is NO, you can adjust this for your needs at Setup->Settings->Tickets
5. Public Calendar Events
6. Google Calendar Events
7. Goals.

You can add other Permissions to this staff member, like Invoice [VIEW] permission, and this staff member will be able to access.

If you need to set a user as a non staff member, navigate to Setup->Staff open the user and check the checkbox field Not Staff Member.

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